I returned my lizard to the pet store today as it wouldn’t stop telling me jokes.

The store clerk said “that isn’t a lizard, it is a stand up chameleon.”

Emily Lopez: Good at gymnastics

Ms. Lopez netted a 9.9 on the beam and 9.95 on the bar. Both of those scores netted her specialist of the week in both events. She had to share the honor with several others on the beam but she had the bar all to herself. But does make me wonder. Ms. Lopez score the best in both events, but a gymnast from Utah State netted ‘gymnast of the week’. That athlete only had one even winner. This is OUTRAGEOUS!

Reminder: these footballers are going to the NFL Combine

In the immortal word of Jay Tust: BOOM!

Really looking forward to these guys making an impact in the combine and seeing them on Sundays.

Or… Maybe we won’t see one of the former Broncos in the combine

This is super disappointing. Injuries happen but it’s definitely super-bad timing. Mr. Skinner has plenty of film and scouts at least got to see him train for the Senior Bowl. Overall some bad breaks but really wishing for some better luck.

This screen: is going to be big!

And I am excited to see it.


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