If you think about it, 90 Days / 7=12.857 weeks. 12.857 weeks/2=6.429 fortnights. And 6.429 fortnights is like 1.73 dog years. WHICH MEANS we only have until next dog year’s September 7th for football. Now that’s coming up real soon.

Speaking of, todaywe have a dawg, and perhaps the future anchor for our defensive line. I present #90, Braxton Feely.

#90, Braxton Fely, Freshman , DL


Height: 6’2

Weight: 285

High school: Timpview HS (Provo, UT)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Another inaugural member of the Andy Avalos era, Braxton de-committed from some local college in Provo, UT to sign with the Broncos on judgement day. Yet another signee with excellent decision-making skills.



Look, Braxton played in all 14 games as a Freshman. He’s absolutely ’bout that action.



I’m seeing a little bit of Randall Park, star of The Office, for this one.

Career Highlights

Braxton strung together a couple of tackles in his freshman campaign. Most encouragingly, he played in all 14 games, which doesn’t always happen for Freshman on the line.

2023 Prospectus

I like what the future holds here. The departure of Scott Matlock leaves big shoes to fill, and Braxton has an opportunity for a breakout sophomore campaign. Look to hear his name a lot more in the coming season.

Is he on Twitter?

He is, @Braxton_fely, and he’s got some good retweets for the people:

Completely made up fact

Braxton doesn’t believe in skipping songs, even when shuffling his music library. In a recent non-existent interview with MTV, Braxton explained, “The radio had it right, songs aren’t meant to be skipped”.