87 is a fun number for a history buff like myself. A “score” of years is 20 years, so when Honest Abe said “Four Score and Seven Years ago…” he wasn’t actually referring to amount of time that had passed since the Declaration of Independence, he was giving us an Easter Egg for future Bronco, Cayden Dawson.

#87, CAYDEN DAWSON, Freshman, Tight End


Height: 6’4

Weight: 238

High school: University City HS (Chula Vista, CA)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Dawson got lots of love nationally in his recruitment journey. 247Sports had him at the 41st best tight end, and ESPN went a step further and said he was 31st. He was also a Top-100 California Recruit. It came down to the Broncos, Oregon State, and the Puppy Pack from somewhere in Northern Nevada, and Dawson chose correctly.


Cayden “The Avatar” Dawson

Football, Basketball, Track, Lacrosse: Long ago the four sports ruled Cayden Dawson’s high school career. Cayden Dawson played all four sports in high school. Then, everything changed when Boise State made him a Bronco.

In all seriousness, the guy was a four sport athlete in high school. I would not have wanted to try and stop that man from trying to get to cage in lacrosse.


Cayden gives me Star Lord vibes. Not the other stuff Chris Pratt has done, specifically Peter Quill himself.

Career Highlights

Dawson is a baller. He grabbed 536 yards and seven touchdowns in his final two years of high school. The highlight of Dawson’s high school career was surely being a big piece as to why University City HS win its first football title in school history. They took home the 2022 San Diego Section Division III Championship in his senior season.

2023 Prospectus

2023 will be an interesting year for Cayden. He is one of six tight ends on the roster, and the only true freshman out of that group. Look for him to take advantage of the fact that TG10 likes to find different targets to get involved. A season of adjusting to college football is probably on the cards, but with Dawson’s size, he might be able to find some time on the Blue.

Is he on Twitter?

You bet he is! Make sure to give @Cayden_J_Dawson a follow!

Completely made up fact

Cayden Dawson is the only exception know to man that escapes the whole “never trust a man with two first names” thing, so that’s pretty neat.