There was an idea…

Well, more like a happy accident. I’ve been doing a lot of work with data analysis work, and I came across what seemed like a pretty easy and fun novelty project. The idea is a map of every BSU football player from 2013-2023 (As far as the BSU website goes). Clicking on the icons will reveal more info on the player and a link to their most recent player bio on the Boise State website. If there are issues (or ideas!) put them in the comments section and I’ll respond.

Computer Map (2013-2023)

I separated this into a map with smaller icons (the computer map) and larger icons (the mobile map) to make things a little easier. I’d recommend opening the map in a new tab so you can get it in full screen. If there are issues, click here to open the link.

If the icons are too small, try using shortcuts like  Ctrl and + on Windows or ⌘ and + on Mac to make the webpage bigger.

Mobile Map (2013-2023)

I would again recommend opening this in a new tab. If there’s an issue, just click here to open it. Here you will almost definitely need to use zoom to get a good view of everything. Usually there is an option in the browser to adjust zoom size, but if there are specific browser problems I will try to address them.

What Could Have Been…

This actually came from a bigger idea. Sadly, the format of how hosting worked for this made it so I couldn’t find a viable way to make this work for site. The real dream would be to have a sub-settable map where you could adjust by height, weight, position, etc. If you want to know what that would’ve looked like, here’s a little video I made to demonstrate.

Go crazy.