Lucky For You, I Like Concise Map Names

For those that didn’t see the The FKWG Football Interactive Map™, here is the thrilling sequel. Instead of doing 11 years, this map only shows players on roster in the 2022 season, but this time it’s every football player in the Mountain West. I also switched faces to team logos to make it easier to find players on each team. Might make a faces one in the future, but HTML scraping on the non-BSU sites has proved a little tricky.

How It Works

Clicking on the logo icons will reveal more info on the player, and clicking on the clusters will open them up to more clusters until we get to individual players. I didn’t make a mobile map this time because I think using the browser zoom option on phone browsers is just probably the easiest way to go to see things clearer. (It’s usually in the URL bar)


If you’re on a computer and the icons feel too small, try using shortcuts like  Ctrl and + on Windows or ⌘ and + on Mac to make the webpage bigger. (The same command with the key will reduce the size again) If there are issues (or ideas!) put them in the comments section and I’ll respond. If you don’t have a WordPress account, making one is free and you can name yourself whatever you want. Also feel free to reach our to our blog account or me on Twitter.

Full Map

I personally like seeing all the logos together because it give me a pretty good idea of the distribution of players from teams, but I also made a clustered option below. Standard practice would be to open the page in a new tab. If there’s issues click here to open the link.

Clustered Map

Again, standard practice is to just open in a new tab, use this link if you need. This is the clustered one, helpful if the first one is too busy for you, or if you have issues loading all the icons.

And Now, a Non-Interactive Map

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is StaticMap2-1024x688.png

If you have a strange hatred against interactive maps, here’s the map for you. Logos get bigger the more players a team has from one city (As you can see, the Aztecs have more than a couple players in San Diego). The states go from yellow to red the more players there are from an area, clearly showing the MW is mainly California grown, with Texas being a clear but distant second place.

That’s all I got for now. Have fun!