Somewhere in the void we have the lost boys of football numbers. Why has this incoming freshman not been graced with a number on the Boise State website? Know we not. Alas, this we do know: Mr. Johnson will always be #68. At least for today.

#??, Franklyn Johnson Jr, Freshman, DB


Height: 5’10


High school: Little Elm HS (Little Elm, TX)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

The 5’10 speedster did a little bit of everything in HS. 24/7 had him as a QB and WR in high school, whereas the Big Blue Brains have him at DB. Go figure! He sifted through some other D1 offers, but Boise had the one thing no one else could offer: Big Juds. (And two of them)


“Mr President”

Personally, I just love the name of Franklyn Johnson Jr. Perfect football name, perfect president name. So why complicate it? It’s also a nice homage to our greatest president.


Hear me out, Don Cheadle before he got accidentally shot by Vision while he was chasing Captain America. Since then, Franklyn has easily surpassed Cheadle in speed, however Mr. President might find it hard to fit his dreads into the War Machine suit.

Career Highlights

As noted above, Franklyn did a little bit of everything in HS. If you don’t believe me, watch the film!

2023 Prospectus

I’d probably expect a redshirt this season, with maybe some action in a few blowouts. Our DBs are definitely the question mark group for the season, but I think there’s enough experience in front of him that I wouldn’t expect too much from him yet.

Is he on Twitter?

He is! And he be tweetin from time to time. @Franklyn_J25

Completely made up fact

There’s people who like to fly, and there’s Franklyn Johnson Jr. On average, he arrives an unprecedented 12 hours early to any given flight. In addition to this, Franklyn has gold medal speed in the security line and even touts an astonishing 0% error rate on the TSA scanners. Looking to cash in on the NIL craze, the Boise Airport has offered Franklin a lifetime NIL deal for his exemplary ability and model citizenship.