What does it say that my hotel wifi was good enough to write this article, but not good enough to not kick me out mid-final exam? Not sure, but I’ll take Garret’s blocking over Hamlet’s.

Now presenting someone greater than a crazy old Danish prince: Garrett Curran.

#69, Garrett Curran, 6th Year Senior, OL


Height: 6’5

Weight: 305

High school: Granite Hills HS (El Cajon, CA)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

After sifting through boring offers like Washington State and Arizona, Garrett got to the good stuff. Funnily enough, his recruiting page shows him in a SDSU jersey but I don’t even see an offer from them. It don’t matter though, we got him to the Blue. Good choice.


“The Cure”/”The Curranodon”

This nickname is a special chose-your-own-adventure depending on how his name is supposed to be pronounced. I was under the impression that the second was correct, but we’ll give this absolute anchor on the O-Line two nicknames just in case.


Look, I don’t know how all “The late/tonight/supermegalate/afternoon/etc shows work, but I’m pretty sure James Corden is on one of them. Curran is a 6th year senior with an undeclared major on his roster page, so perhaps this is the next post-football career for Garrett?

Career Highlights

Garrett’s started nearly every game but two his sophomore campaign in 2020, a testament to longevity we don’t usually get on our offensive line.

2023 Prospectus

Athlon has him as a preseason 4th team all-conference guard for 2023. Like I said above, I’m just happy to return some consistency on the line. After years of struggles, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for our group. I’m very optimistic about the group, and Curran is a big part of that.

Is he on Twitter?

Recent retweets from Garrett! Give him a follow at @GarrettCurran55

Completely made up fact

Garrett actually did once have a dream of being a Late-Night talk show host, but he changed his mind after trying the Jimmy Fallon ride at Universal Studios. He said, “Two things: 3D rides suck, and why did we go to space?”