I don’t want to over-excite anyone, but it’s pretty crazy that over 1/3 of The Countdown is already out of the way. In order to address the remaining 67 days, let’s first take a look at Mr. 67 himself…

#67, Jason Steele, Freshman, OL

Credit: BroncoSports.com


Height: 6’4″

Weight: 292

High school: Murrieta Valley High, Temecula CA

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Jason was a three star prospect, rated as the #18 high school center in the country (per ESPN) coming out of Murrieta Valley High in Temecula, California. According to Rivals, he had offers from Arizona State, Cal, Fresno, and Colorado State.


“Blue Steele”

Blue because…duh. Also, yes. If it was not clear, I am from the generation that fully appreciated Zoolander as a piece of “so dumb it was funny” comedy, and I’m aware it shows.


Credit: hdqwalls.com

Based PURELY on hair…Jason Momoa

Career Highlights

Collegiate level-wise, nothing logged so far in terms of stats. As per usual though, high school highlights can be found here.

2023 Prospectus

Due to the depth on the roster at his position and his relative youth, it seems as though Jason will be primed for an additional year of seasoning and strength training in a college program for 2023. I would anticipate he also gets some snaps in some games for the sake of experience and development.

Is he on Twitter?

Affirmative. And the subtle homage to Gandalf from one of his high school teammates (#6–presumably an edge rusher or DB?) is HIGHLY appreciated.

Completely made up fact

Jason really leaned extra hard into the horse thing by a brief dalliance in the Dothraki religion of Great Stallion before deciding the meetings were a little too intense (and homicidal 😬), so he settled on a brotherhood built around Broncos instead.