That’s one third down on 2023’s countdown! I honestly can’t say if it’s been fast or slow but time marches on all the same. Man of the day? Mr. Ben Dooley.

#66, Ben Dooley, Redshirt Senior, OL


Height: 6’5

Weight: 315

High school: Churchill County HS (Fallon, NV)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

2019’s #9 player in the state of Nevada found himself in a bit of a bidding war amongst the the neighboring teams. Cal Berkley and basically the whole MW west division (May it rest in peace) took a stab, but the winner? You already know. Ben was destined for Bronco Blue.


“Ben Do-It-All”

The versatile lineman has played tackle and guard in his career, so what can’t he do? Should Jeremiah Dickey be worried about job security with this Swiss army knife in the building?


It took me a solid minute to figure out why I recognized Simon Pegg. Mission Impossible? Narnia? Ice Age? Who knows. All I’m saying is that if Ben shaved his beard to be more boring and shrunk like have a foot we’d have this guy.

Career Highlights

Ben has racked up 3 academic all-conference awards and took second-team all conference in 2021. The former state-champion wrestler has found lots of creative ways to be involved, playing multiple spots along the line.

2023 Prospectus

Our line is as experienced as it’s been in quite some time. It sounds like Ben battled through some injuries last year, but will be a factor in this year’s rotation. There’s some speculation on where he will play, but he told the Statesman that he prefers guard. Whatever it takes to achieve the triple 1k dream between Green/Holani/Jeanty!

Is he on Twitter?

Yes! @Doogieben. Do check out if you want to see a pre-beard pic of Mr. Dooley. Otherwise, he hasn’t tweeted in 4 years.

Completely made up fact

Unbeknownst to many a lay fan, Ben didn’t just grow out his beard because he’s a large scruffy o-lineman. The truth is that he needs to get a head-start to make wizard school in 2084. Due to the schools instructors being hundreds of years old, their grooming standards have not yet advanced to the 21st century, and thusly refuse to alter the four foot beard requirement.