Football season officially feels close to me, which is good and bad news. Good because it’s close, bad because it’s not close enough.

#27, Dionte Thornton, Redshirt Freshman, CB


Height: 6’3

Weight: 205

High school: Lawndale HS (Carson, CA)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Thornton had a solid list of suitors coming out of HS. Boise State was the only listed G5 offer (I guess we can still call it that?) and Dionte held offers from Arizona, Cal, and Kansas. So why choose BSU? Easy, only one with a tee dog.



Every thorn has its rose… (or however that saying goes?)


Sure Chris Bosh has won multiple NBA championships, but he’s never won a Mountain West championship. Perhaps it was that thorn in his side that persuaded him to join the Broncos as a corner.

Career Highlights

Nothing yet, but check out his days as a shutdown corner in high school:

2023 Prospectus

It’s not unheard of to play as a young corner, Kaonohi Kaniho did that a bit, but I think this one will take a little time. Anything is possible, but I’d at least expect to see some special teams action from him.

Is he on Twitter?

Not an avid tweeter, @DionteThornton, but you’ll see him on those retweets from time to time.

Completely made up fact

Mr. Thornton actually mentioned in an aside that 24/7 Sports Recruiting Guru Brandon Huffman actually lent him the crystal ball he uses to make predictions. In addition to multiple BSU football national championships, Dionte discovered the conference turmoil that would ensue with the others schools that would offer him, making his decision easy as pie.