We are officially Doug-Martin’s-jersey-number-of-days away from gametime! Today, we’ll be highlighting the current number 22 on the roster…

#22, Titus Toler, RS Senior, Safety

Credit: BroncoSports.com


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 197

High school: St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

A former high school teammate of George Holani, Titus took a somewhat circuitous route to get to Boise State. Depending on which recruiting service you go by, he carried either a 3 or 4 star rating and was recruited out of SJB by Wisconsin, Cal, Colorado, Arizona State, and Boston College. His father played football at Colorado and he initially committed there, but after a late push by the Badgers, he ended up taking his talents to Madison. He appeared in two games in his redshirt freshman season (2020) and had an interception in Wisconsin’s season-opening win vs Illinois. It appears though that, due to an undisclosed injury, he actually then medically retired and missed the 2021 season before ultimately coming back and playing in 2022. In that season, he played in five games and had 7 tackles.



If you try to catch the ball in his zone, he’ll make you pay.


Credit: Starbyface.com

Rapper and actor, Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris

Career Highlights

Aside from his interception vs Illinois, you can also view his high school highlights

2023 Prospectus

It seems as though Rodney Robinson and Seyi Oladipo are destined to be the top two safeties, but I expect Teubner, Zion Washington, and Toler to fight for–and get–a lot of playing time in the third and fourth spots in that rotation. Honestly, all of them seem very capable and the secondary is in really good hands, depth-wise, at safety.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes, indeed

Completely made up fact

The downfall of Colorado as a team, that culminated in Deion Sanders coming in to try and bring some hope back to Boulder, was a direct result of heartbreak suffered, at the institutional level, for failing to land Titus as a recruit. If it works out, though, it could be said that he was the reason their fortunes were turned around. Because sometimes, in order to regrow better, a forest has to be burned! So, the Buffs should really be grateful to Titus, if you think about it…