Day 2 of my triple-header, we got a good one. Presenting: Mr. “Mad Dog” Madsen

#4, “Mad Dog” Maddux Madsen, RS Freshman, QB


Height: 5’10

Weight: 211

High school: American Fork HS (American Fork, UT)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Maddux was part of the inaugural Avalos class in 2021. He got the offer after Katin Houser de-committed from Boise State to Michigan State, and it seems like its worked out very nicely for us. The 3 star QB got the call, and the rest was history, choosing the Broncos over the Lobos of New Mexico.


“Maddux Madden”

(I know he already has a built-in nickname, but I wanted to give another one) Anyways, all I’m saying is wait for this kid to get his shot, he’ll be putting up video game numbers. If you look at the YouTube video below, you’ll see he already has in HS.


Cato from The Hunger Games kinda died because of a Mad Dog and I guess was a Mad Dog too? The comp seems to work out!

Career Highlights

Here’s my favorite HS tape of him, but he got in his first game against Nevada last season. Against them he was 3/4 for 43 yards, 35 of those yards coming on a single pass.

2023 Prospectus

Taylen is the clear #1, no question about it.

After that though, the battle is between CJ Tiller and Maddux Madsen for the number two spot. As I understand it, Tiller is the more dynamic player, while Mad Dog is the more accurate (Dare I say Kellen Moore-ish) type. I have been on record to say that I have always considered Mad Dog to be a sleeper pick for me out of that 2021 class, so definitely keep an eye on him.

Is he on Twitter?

@MadduxMadsen if you want to follow him, and he does tweet somewhat often!

Completely made up fact

After dropping from 14 to 4, Maddux announced that he plans to continue h is trend of dropping by 10 every year. As such, the Broncos have already prepared a -4 and -14 jersey for the next two seasons.