Officially Football Christmas Eve Eve now! I’ll get right to it. Presenting: Mr. Ashton Jeanty (Jen-tee)

#2, Ashton Jeanty, Sophomore, RB


Height: 5’9

Weight: 210

High school: Lone Star HS

How’d he get to The Blue™?

The 4 star RB was the gem of Andy Avalos’ opening class in 2021. I wrote the recruiting roundups then and was witness to 5 TD/week performances consistently. I’m not sure if he finished the season there, but had the honor of being the national leader in TDs for high school. Cal and Kansas both made some late pushes, but Ashton made the fantastic choice of coming to the Blue.


“Double Trouble”

#2 is the the 2 in the Broncos nasty 1-2 punch, and he’ll be plenty of trouble.


Who else but the man himself?

The dreads only cement his resemblance to BSU RB legend Jay Ajayi. Get this man his pickle juice.

Career Highlights

Despite coming in as the technical 2nd string RB, Jeanty was named preseason 1st team All-MW RB alongside George Holani by Athlon Sports. He racked up 821 yards on 156 carries for an astonishing 5.3 YPC as a true freshman. In the bowl game against UNT, he finished with 178 yards and a touchdown on 28 carries. Jay Ajayi is right.

2023 Prospectus

Fantastic. Amazing. Stupendous.

Forgive my thesaurus entry, but what else can I say? Jeanty has the potential to be the best BSU RB of all time, and he gets to do it alongside George Holani who could make his own case for that spot too. There’s a lot of scenarios where I see Jeanty ending this season as an absolute superstar, but I’ll let him do the talking.

Is he on Twitter?

You can find him at the intuitively named @AshtonJeanty2. He’s a big time retweeter, but you can catch some tweets too on occasion:

Completely made up fact

Alongside highlights of him absolutely carving through helpless defenses, a quick YouTube search of Jeanty will also reveal viral videos of him playing Disney songs and the Interstellar theme on random street pianos. His mom has confirmed that this is the future she hoped for her son, but has come to terms with him only being a monster tailback for the Broncos.