The Broncos look to rebound after a gut-punch last second loss at Colorado State and a bye week where *fingers crossed so hard they might snap* they hopefully figured some things out to salvage the remainder of the season. It is still not only mathematically possible that they make it to a conference championship but they also control their own destiny in possibly getting there.

Game Facts

  • Date: October 28th, 2023 @ 3:30 pm MST
  • Location: Albertsons Stadium
  • Weather at Kickoff: 51 degrees and sunny
  • Odds: Boise State -4.0, O/U: 49
  • TV: FS2
  • Radio: 670 KBOI
  • Eric Collins and Devin Gardner

Other Facts

1.) It May Not Even Get Dark Enough For Another Light Show

Boise State has the best running back in the country (ball don’t lie) and the Cowboys aren’t exactly a high octane passing attack (160 passing yards per game). Because both teams will lean heavily on their run games and both rank in the top fifteen for least penalties in a game, the clock will probably not stop often. With a 3:30pm kickoff, the game might be over before it even gets dark enough to break out those shiny new LEDs again.

2.) Missed It By Thatmuch

Very few teams nationally have played in as many close games as Boise State this season. The Broncos are 2nd in the nation in both “games decided by three points or less” as well as “games decided by one possession”. So, positive spin: The Broncos could just as easily be 6-1 as 3-4. So we’ve got that going for us. Which is (kind of) nice.

3.) _yoming

The Broncos are 16-1 all time vs the Cowboys’, with their lone blemish coming in 2016. If you want to make Drew Roberts angry to this day, just say the phrase “Safety Dance”…but then run away because you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry! At any rate, _yoming has never left Boise with a “W”, so here’s hoping it stays that way.

4.) Reinforcements Incoming?

An infusion of proven veterans and talent on the field could be in the cards with the coaches specifically mentioning that both Holani and Schramm have made it back to practice. Could we see either or both on the Blue this game? They also went out of their way to bring up Austin Bolt’s progress and health improvement along the offensive line. Considering the Broncos are already 15th in the country in sacks allowed, it’s reassuring that a strength could conceivably be getting stronger!

5.) Two Heads *MIGHT* Be Better Than One?…For Now

At least at the moment. Until one of the quarterbacks in this system fully grabs hold of their opportunity and takes indisputable control of it, things could be worse on offense. Granted, a whole lot of the credit goes to Jeanty, but the Broncos are averaging 425.4 yards of offense per game. Offense has (mostly) not been the issue.


Boise State- Lost 1

Wyoming – Lost 1

Best Name On Their Roster


WR, Kayden LaFramboise

Some people might be old enough to remember a character that appeared in an episode of Archer, back when it was still funny (so waaaay back; like in the first three seasons), named Framboise. It literally means “raspberry” in French. So, if a Boise State DB faces off against him in coverage, they will literally be in a fruit fight…and that’s just mildly amusing.

Best Picture On Their Roster


RB, Dawaiian McNeely (Who is, paradoxically and unfortunately, NOT Hawaiian. Californian…missed opportunity!)

Is the whole Sisqo/Dennis Rodman hair thing coming back? Might as well. The rest of the 90s already did.

Players to Watch

Andrew Peasley– QB

He’s not the most prolific passer QB the Broncos will/have face(d), even in practice, and his completion percentage is only 59%, but he runs the offense and he has 12 TDs to only 2 interceptions on the year.

Harrison Wylee – RB

The Cowboys run the ball a fair amount above what might be considered average, and they’re okay at it. The best of their rushers, however, is VERY efficient. He has 540 yards this year on only 75 carries, which means he’s plugging along at 7.2 yards per carry.

Easton Gibbs and Shae Suiaunoa – LB

Just like Boise State always has a great running back and Colorado State always seems to have that one great receiver, Wyoming’s thing is that they always have a good linebacker…or two. This year, it’s the latter. Easton Gibbs leads the team with 63 total tackles, but Shae also has a more-than-respectable 53. The defense, as a whole, knows how to create turnovers too. And not the delicious pastry kind. Rather, the potentially-really-sucky-for-our-offense kind. They rank 22nd in the country in that category.

Keys to Victory

Score more points.

No, seriously. Score a lot. Wyoming isn’t spectacular on offense and they’re not even amazing on defense statistically. Yet…they have this annoying way to just kind of hang around in games and then win most of them. Even that 31-10 loss to Texas was much closer until late, but they also beat a ranked (24th at the time) Fresno team and only lost by one possession to now-19th ranked Air Force. So the Broncos can disrupt the strategy of being held in the mud and struggling until they get tired out by turning on the octane and jetting out to an insurmountable lead (preferably more than 20 points in the final four minutes) early. If the Cowboys are forced to play catchup, they’re unlikely going to be able to.

Get Defensive

There’s been a lot of talk about the quarterbacks and the Broncos’ struggles with consistency, but 425 yards per game is 425 yards per game. Unfortunately, however, so is 428 yards per game…which is what the defense has allowed. Now, it should be pointed out that between the second half vs San Jose, where they allowed 0 points, and the first three quarters at Colorado, where they only allowed 10, the Broncos had a really good stretch before some absurd flukes and insane Rams’ luck took them out. So, it really does seem like they’re close to actually and truly locking down opponents. Hopefully Schramm’s re-arrival helps, Notarainni’s unexpected experience pays dividends, and Hassanein continues to figure out rushing the passer.

Score Prediction

That dang guy on Wyoming’s sideline whose face bears a striking resemblance to Donald Pleasance also has a football mind that unfortunately bears a kind of resemblance to Belichick. He’s not quite on that level, but he’s a helluva gameplanner and he’s had a bye week to dream up some nightmares to try and slow the Boise State offense. However, the Broncos had a bye week too…

Boise State 31, Wyoming 23