Speaking of 41, had this highlight video show up on my feed yesterday, and I thought you’d enjoy:

Anyways, I was THINKING that maybe this up-and-coming player with jersey #41 might also have a statement career day against a P12 team… Up to him, obviously, but I wouldn’t mind. (It should be noted that he recently switched to #6, but the point still stands)

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jaylen Clark:

#6, Jaylen Clark, Redshirt Junior, CB


Height: 6-2

Weight: 200

High school: Lincoln HS (Tacoma, WA)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

The 3 star DB was the #12 player in Washington coming out of high school. He committed the same day he was offered, spurning the likes of Arizona and Colorado. Our statistical models at First Kick have determined this was the right choice.



I’m not sure why, but this was the first nickname that came to me, and I’m sticking with it. This nickname could be especially useful if Jaylen and the DBs have a good year, we could just start calling the whole secondary the “J-Crew” a la “Legion of Boom”.


Gun to my head, I’m saying former Seattle SuperSonics star, Russell Westbrook. Luckily for Jaylen, low percentages are actually a good thing for DBs, so this comp may pay dividends.

Career Highlights

Jaylen has had quite the progression in his career. He played all 4 games his redshirt season, then doubled that to 8 for his freshman season. Last year he played in all 14, and started in the bowl game against UNT. I remember thinking he had a good game, but on second glance this man was COOKIN. 17 tackles, 5 PBUs, 1 int, and 1 fumble recovery. Sheeesh.

2023 Prospectus

Honestly? Great.

A lot of people have been asking questions about our secondary this offseason. The loss of JL Skinner and Tyreque Jones leave some big shoes to fill. Game 1 against Washington gives us maybe the most potent passing offense in the country right out of the gates. That being said, I think Jaylen is up to the task.

Realistically, I think he could be on breakout watch this season. If I had to put money down on who the next defensive star could be, I’d say either Jaylen or Hunter Misa. Regardless, I think at the very least he will have a solid year.

Is he on Twitter?

Our DBs are historically active on Twitter, and Jaylen is certainly in that camp. Thanks to this tweet by Jaylen, you will now have had two SuperSonics references in one article, which I believe is a First Kick record. Follow him @JaylenClark23

Completely made up fact

Jaylen was originally sent to Boise by the Washington Huskies as a sleeper agent. Sadly for the Huskies, once Mr. Clark got a feel for blue FieldTurf, there was no going back. After Washington’s secondary woes last year, they left 41 messages on his phone, inspiring him to set his jersey number for last year. Despite the estranged relationship, there is word that Jaylen will return to Lumen Field after his college playing days to join my Seahawks.