Well, well, well. Look at us. We are in the FIRST day of the 20s. And it is a mighty fine feeling. Since there is LITERALLY NO OTHER NEWS GOING ON RIGHT NOW we can read about a player on the roster. With 29 Days left until kickoff, we have —Safety Milo Lopez

#29, Milo Lopez, Junior, Safety


Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 195 lbs

High school: La Serna HS/Cerritos College, Whittier, CA

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Mr. Lopez committed to the Broncos on a busy night for transfers. He was the third commit in one day to decide to call Boise State his next stop for the next couple of years. This is kind of a transfer-heavy class. Thems the brakes sometimes.



Kinda in the same vein as J-Lo. Yeah. That totally works.


Kit Harrington, aka Jon Snow.

Hear me out on this one. Lopez grows out his hair. Gets some facial hair. Spitting image.

Career Highlights

As a sophomore at Cerritos he appeared in all 11 games, had 68 tackles, and three pass break ups. His freshman season he also appeared in all 11 games and 33 tackles.

2023 Prospectus

There are going to be some BIG shoes to fill since the departure of Agent Zero JL Skinner. The Broncos have quite a few safeties on the roster so getting top two (four?) is going to be a challenge. Seyi Oladipo should have a solid year. Titus Toler coming from Wisconsin is going to push for some playing time. Rodney Robinson will be looking to add more to the 13 starts he had last season. Lopez has a lot of junior college experience. Hopefully that bodes well for him.

Is he on Twitter?

Completely made up fact

In the coming Twizzler vs Red Vines conflict, Mr. Lopez is Team Red Vines.