Today, the local sports media got a chance to catch up with a few of the Boise State players preparing to take on Washington this Saturday. They had a lot to say about their individual progress since last year, their opponent, and each other. And yes, the unscheduled laughter from the player being interviewed likely means that that the player they were being asked about was making faces at them from off camera, which was pretty funny actually. A lot of times these guys are wound so tightly and clearly coached not to reveal too much that it was fun to see a little extra personality.


Boise State Quarterback, #10 Taylen Green

Boise State Wide Receiver, #5 Stefan Cobbs

Boise State Cornerback, #8 Markel Reed

Boise State Wide Receiver, #17 Prince Stachan

Boise State Nickel, #23 Seyi Oladipo